Delivering success

with the right partner

From ‘a’ for advice to ‘w’ for warehouse: We have everything you need.

The right advice

Are you looking for the optimal specification to match your production processes? Or the ideal analytical properties to match your end product? Or benchmarking of similar technologies? We have the expertise. Take advantage of our know-how!

Many of our experts have been working in the metals industry for over 20 years. We are able to leverage from this experience to give you, our customers, the best solutions to meet your needs.

The right composition

We are able to select the right lots and to adjust the mixtures and make-up of metals and alloys during our crushing, grinding and mixing processes, so that we make and match each customer’s unique specification, all certified by renowned laboratories.

Our cored wires are produced to the highest standards and meet all requirements set out by the customer.

The right format

You will receive your alloys and metals compactly packed, and in the lump and grain size you require. For special applications, we also offer some alloys as milled powders.

Tell us your desired batch size. We are used to developing customer-specific concepts, avoiding unnecessary weight and delivering goods to order – of course with the right labels according to the regulations of ECHA.

The right timing

To ensure that your raw materials can be delivered – also just in time – we work together with leading international warehousing companies and forwarders. And we have been doing so for many years.

Whether by rail or truck, by air or sea : You benefit from efficient and direct delivery routes.