Meeting the highest standards

in raw material purchasing

Special alloys, metals and foundry supplies for buyers with specific requirements.

We can meet any requirements, or specifications, to satisfy our customers’ needs in metallurgy.

Leading industrial companies trust GfE-MIR

What you can expect from us

Individual quality

Not all alloys are alike, and not all cored wires are the same. We supply whatever metals and alloys you may need, according to the information that you give us, and match these to your exact requirements.
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Secure packaging

Overland, by air or sea: We deliver your goods safely to their destination – in the packaging and format that you require.
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High delivery accuracy

We know how important it is to meet your delivery requirements and deadlines, so we ensure that our customers’ needs are always met.
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Did you know ...?

For use in steel industry, Ferro Manganese Ultra Low Carbon in the form of Lumpy Alloy shows increased recovery compared to Manganese Flake.
Batch cycle times can be reduced when using Ultra Low Carbon Manganese as its increased Specific Surface Area enhances dissolution.

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Sustainably ahead

You care about the future of our planet? So do we! That’s why the GfE-MIR Group is working towards climate neutrality, in accordance with Scope 1 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This means we strive to reduce CO2 emissions in our daily business activities. Remaining emissions are compensated through certified climate projects with Gold Standard status. Your advantage: We also reduce your Scope 3 balance. A ‘win-win’ for us and our customers!

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